Success through Expertise.
Expertise plus Ambition and Performance.


Taking the helm of the newly-built hotel Dorint Schweizerhof in Berlin. Assuming the position of Area Manager for the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Taking charge of a pilot project of the joint venture by Dorint Schweizerhof and InterContinental Berlin. Drafting and implementing the strategy plan for the hotel. Creating a budget, coordinating the entire day-to-day operation, ensuring quality assurance through complex quality management, as well as coaching and developing the executive team.

Successful implementation of the pilot project with the quality standards established on the executive and operative level. The Hotel Dorint was cited by the Lord Mayor of Berlin as the city’s “friendliest 4-star Business Hotel.” It was also certified as an “Investor in People” during the time Cornelia Kausch headed the hotel.

Cornelia Kausch’s exceptional sense of dedication and professional know-how were instrumental in successfully implementing the joint venture between Dorint Schweizerhof and InterContinental Berlin, and in making it a viable business reality on the executive and operative level. Cornelia Kausch excelled in accomplishing her various tasks. She provided strong leadership and showed a high degree of personal commitment and loyalty to our company, always accomplishing the tasks we assigned to her to our utmost satisfaction.

(Jochen Dobel, Dorint AG)

Cornelia Kausch is an executive who operates with extraordinary personal commitment and great professional competence. In her role as General Manager, she accomplished every one of her tasks to our utmost satisfaction. There will always be a place for her in our company.

(Willy Weiland, Director of Operations Germany, InterContinental)


Promoting Berlin among US incentive and travel specialists and ensuring that DIAL BERLIN – 1-800-BERLIN was the voice of the city as an “island of the West” in East Germany, and acting as a spokesperson for Berlin vis-à-vis the North American media and the travel industry in general.

Successful promotion of Berlin and establishing DIAL BERLIN – 1 – 800 – BERLIN as the city’s voice.

Cornelia Kausch worked as the DIAL Berlin North American Marketing Representative. While fulfilling her responsibilities Cornelia Kausch demonstrated remarkable skills and abilities. She is a self-starter and approached each project with the highest level of determination, energy and enthusiasm. I’m confident that Cornelia Kausch will continue to provide valuable support and benefits to any company, organization or project that she is involved with, and I recommend any potential employer in the future to give her the utmost consideration!

(Philip R. Duyff, President)


Pre-opening the Dorint Hotel am Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin and heading the hotel as general manager. The “Am Gendarmenmarkt” 5-star hotel with its 92 rooms and suites is Dorint’s first luxury boutique hotel.

Successful placement of the new in-house product “Hotel Am Gendarmenmarkt” on the highly difficult market in Berlin. Setting a precedent for future hotel developments and defining operative standards for Dorint.

We came to appreciate Cornelia Kausch as a strong executive of vast professional competence. She always served as role model for the management teams and staff members in the ways in which she worked and lived, and as partner in resolving issues.

(Jochen Dobel, Dorint AG)


Reorganisation of all revenue-generating departments and complete implementation and positioning as Westin Grand Berlin, including repositioning, training of all employees in the “Service Westin Style”.

Successful repositioning of an international brand on the Berlin market and driving for?? achievement of?? results and sustainable GOP, in line with the expectations of the new management and the brand.

I want to thank Cornelia Kausch for her energy, enthusiasm, empathy and complete customer focus during the Train-the-trainer Program for Service Westin Style Worldwide. Your involvement as a Certified Trainer for Westin’s new learning system formed a vital link to our company’s growth. Through your guidance and support, the sounds and rhythms of Westin’s world-class service will be heard. We appreciate your time, undivided attention and expertise? in making The Rhythms of Hospitality a harmonious tune for Service Style Worldwide.

(Suzan B. Salazar, Senior Vice President, Human Resources)


Strengthening the new Grand Hotel Corinthia Budapest on the local Hungarian and the international market, and boosting growth. Generating profits, ensuring excellent customer feed-back, and setting up an independent team.

Making this a highly profitable hotel and securing the market position of the Corinthia.

Cornelia Kausch far exceeded our expectations. She became an invaluable and highly respected member of our senior management team.

(David Woodward, Chief Operating Officer, Corinthia Hotels International)